Seeking a Cemetery #usa

Eric Ellman


A distant relative, Simon Stock (1872 - Aug. 7, 1947), died in the Bronx (certificate 7885).  Ancestry has listed a summary of the death information and notes that Simon was buried at "Adon Park Cemetery."  This cemetery does not come up on a Google search. Do any of you have any ideas what cemetery this might be?


Searching: COHEN (London), COIRA, (Minkovsty, Ukr.), ELLMAN (Minkovsty, Ukraine), FAGIN (Dvinsk, Latvia), GREENBERG (Rzesz=F3w, Galicia), GRUDMAN/GRUBMAN (Kedainiai, Lit./Riga, Lat.), KOTZEN (Riga, Lat./Birzhay, Lit.), KREIGER (Riga, Lat./Kedainiai, Lith.), LUFFER, ((Riga, Lat./Birzhay, Lit.), MAIDM=
AN (Minkovsty, Ukr),ROSENBERG (Lomza/Nowogrod, Poland), STORCH/STOCK (Rzeszow, Galacia), STERN (Narajow/Narayiv, Galicia), SZRENZIL (Narajow/Narayiv, Galicia), WYSZYNSKI (Mlawa, Poland)

Eric J. Ellman
North Bethesda, Maryland

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