Re: Question: Soviet Forced Labor Sites for Polish Jews? #galicia

Alexander Sharon

Linda Chism wrote:

<<Could persons on this list manager please help me learn more about
where the Soviets used captured Polish Jews as forced labor? I am
particularly interested if there are any records of forced Jewish workers
at Soviet Tank Factories (as I'm helping friend's family learn a bit more
about a relative.) The man in question would have been a skilled
machinist before he was forced into labor and sent East into the Soviet
Union in 1939/1940 timeframe by the Soviets.>>



Soviet tanks were manufactured in the several facilities:

Factories in Ural regions in towns: Sverdlovsk, town Nizhniy Tagil
(Sverdlovsk region) the large Soviet tanks fabricator, Omsk and

Tanks have also been manufactured in the European part of USSR in
towns Mytishchi and Kirov (Moscov region), Charkov, Gorki, Leningrad
and Stalingrad.

Hope this helps.

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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