Lithuanian Revision Lists online - Fond 515/15 - Vilna #Lithuania

Joel Ratner

As of yesterday (when I discovered them), images from many Revision Lists from LVIA / 515/15 / 1-500 (approximately) are online at These primarily represent the 1795, 1811, and 1816 revisions for Vilna gubernia. The translated records in the LitvakSIG ALD do give page numbers. You will have to try looking for an image to see if the ALD page numbers correspond to actual page numbers listed in the scanned images.

Note: these online record sets are not limited to Jewish records. Please refer to the RTR Foundation (Miriam Weiner) archive database for your town of interest under census records. Alternatively, refer to the Russian language LVIA guide to fond LVIA / 515/15 available at ... F3001.jspx

Joel Ratner
Former coordinator, Vilna District Research Group
Former coordinator, LitvakSIG Vital Records Translation Project

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