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You should try the online Manchester Jewish burials database at:

Harvey Kaplan

On Fri, 25 Dec 2020 at 09:26, Neil Fraser <neil8fff@...> wrote:
I'm searching for information on a Jewish gentleman who went by the name of Black in the Manchester area in the period 1940s - 1970s. He was in the tailoring business and in the 1950s was the partner of Gertrude Parkin. Gertrude was born Gertrude Condon in Salford in 1903 and married George Henry Parkin in Selford in 1923. Gertrude and George had three children before the marriage broke down. Gertrude changed her name legally to Black in the early 1950s. There is no record of a marriage between Gertrude and Mr. Black. It is possible that Black was an Anglicised form of a Jewish name such as Bloch. It is not known when or where Mr. Black was born but it is thought he was older than Gertrude. Gertrude and Mr. Black lived in the Salford area of Manchester. Gertrude also worked in the tailoring industry which is probably how the couple met. Mr. Back was relatively wealthy and is known to have bought expensive gifts for Gertrude including a fur coat. The couple did not produce any children. Mr Black died in the early 1970s before Gertrude. I can find no record of Mr. Black's death or burial which further leads me to believe that Black was not his official name. He left Gertrude a considerable legacy. Gertrude died under the name Gertrude Black in 1987 at Prestwich. Any information on Mr Black, or of the couple, or suggestions on sources of information would be greatly appreciated. The information is requested by Pat Allsopp, a great-niece of Gertrude who now lives in Salamander Bay, New South Wales. Posted by Neil Fraser, on behalf of Pat Allsopp.  

Neil Fraser

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