Looking for ZELTZER in Podolia or Kishinev #bessarabia #ukraine

SamPam Hausfather

I am working to find more details on my great-grandparents, Moishe and
Ides ZELTZER. They, along with my grandmother Bunnie (Beckie in the
US), arrived in Ellis Island NY in 1908 from Kishinev (Passenger
Lists). According to my grandmother's naturalization papers, she was
born in "Padola" Russia on 15 March 1884.

Apparently there is a Podolia census of 1875, where some Jewish
residents were assigned to various towns, including Kishinev. Could my
family have been involved in this even with her being born in 1884
probably in Podolia? Are there any Podilia or Kishinev records that
may list the family? My grandmother did speak of hiding from the

Thank you for any help.
Sam Hausfather
Asheville, NC, USA
Researching ZELTZER in Bessarabia, HAUSFATER in Romania, KRANTZ in
Galacia, KWEKZILBER in Poland

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