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found some folks in 4 different places, 1875 census, 1921 pogrom list (possible relatives that didn't emigrate), and 1897 Odessa census (perhaps some relatives moved from Tulchin to Odessa), 

1875 census:
226-80-1169 1875
Itsko-Leyb s.o. Khaim
sons: Yudko, Ios, Duvid
shtetl Gorishkovka
226-80-1167a 1875 district 9
Sirota Moshko-Azril s.o. Aron-Shmul - 48 y.o
son: Alter - 10 y.o.
registered at Novograd-Volynskiy, Volyn governorate
226-80-1167b 1875 district 3
Sirota Shaya-Leyb - 41 y.o.
Leyzor - 7 y.o.
Yankel - 5 y.o.
Abrum - 2 y.o.
registered at shtetl Markovka (?), Yampol district, Podolia governorate

The following 2 people had families in Odessa, as noted in the 1897 census (let me know if you need details on their families, age, etc):
  • Sirota Srul-Duvid s.o. Noekh from Kuna, Gaysin district, Podolia  (~30 mi E of Tulchin)
  • Syrota Noikh s.o. Khaim from Kublich, Gaysin district, Podolia (~50 mi E of Tulchin)
from a 1921 document titled 
"Tulchin Jewish Public Committee for Aid to the affected by the Pogroms
Registration book of the population affected by the pogroms in the city of Tulchin"
Sirota Iosif s.o. Itsko-Leyb
Sirota Itsko s.o. Yudka
Sirota Moshe s.o. Gul.
Sirota Motel s.o Iosif
Sirota Nakhman s.o. Aron
Sirota Feyga d.o Iosif
Sirota Khuma d.o Yankel
Sirota Isrul s.o Pinkus
Sirota Luzer s.o. Zus
Sirota Moyshe s.o. Itsko
Sirota Khaim s.o. Igif.?
Sirota Hana d.o. Aizik
Sirota Ester d.o. Luzer
Sirota Brukha d.o. Gershko
Sirota Vitya d.o. Itsko
Sirota Perlya

Mike Vayser

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