Re: Looking for ZELTZER in Podolia or Kishinev #ukraine #bessarabia


Hi Sam,
My husband’s maternal grandmother was Gita ZELTZER (1901-2005) from Bessarabia. The daughter of Haim Hersh ZELTZER (1858-1939) and Keila SHTERN (1860-1942) and a sibling to Tuba,  Beila, Yosel, Lia, Rivka, Foitsa and Natan ZELTZER.

Let me know if you find a connection.

LANDSMAN from Gomel, Mogilev, Belarus;
SHEININ from Gomel, Mogilev, Belarus, Kyiv, Russia;
PRITIKIN from Oster, Ukraine;
KRONFELD from Bessarabia;
DOROGOYER from Bessarabia.

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