great uncle Lev Azarin #ukraine

beth lozano

My ggm was born in 1865 to Veniamin (Ben born 1839) and Pesia-Liba AZARIN (born 1840) in Ukraine. She had five siblings and married Morris Cohon from  Ekaterinoslav, now Dnipro. She moved to Chicago by way of New York in 1906. I found a relocation record for her brother, Lev AZAPUN or AZARIN, in 1942/43 in which it states he was relocated from Kharkiv, Ukraine to Namangan, now Uzekistan.  He died in Lviv in 1948

I haven't found a ship manifest for her. I'm trying to verify that she is from Ekaternoslav too.  Once I can really verify where she is from I would like to find more records from that place.

Any ideas for more research or is anyone working on this family?


Beth Lozano

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