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Max Heffler

“Richtig” (correct) translates to “legally” and would mean that this surname was the
“legal” name.

“Falsch” (false) or (“f”) implies a name change by usage, not by legal means. This
term might also be considered the reverse of “richtig.”

If the parents were only religiously married, they were considered illegitimate and were listed with the mother’s surname


Max Heffler

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My father was  born in 1905 in Borszczow, and his brother and sister in Mielnica. On checking their birth certificate I can read their father´s name as Jakiw Nachman Hepilbaum F. Weintraub (in my father´s certificate) and Jacob Nachman Epfellbaum R. Weintraub (in my aunt and uncle´s certificate). I understand the change in the spelling of the surname, but what do the letters F  and R -  between both surnames - stand for?  Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance

Liliana Weintraub - Argentina


Max Heffler
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