Re: Naturalization Papers #records

Hi Rebecca,


On 12/23 you asked if anyone has been able to get a certified copy of a naturalization certificate…


In early August I sent an e-mail to sanbruno.archives@... (this is my local NARA, near San Francisco) requesting a copy of the naturalization certificates for my parents and my grandmother.  I supplied their full names, date and place of birth, date and place of death, address at the time of naturalization, naturalization petition number, dates of entry into the U.S. (1949) and description of my relationship to them.  I did not complete any forms.  I obtained the naturalization petition number and dates of entry from their naturalization petitions, which I found on Family Search. 


Two weeks later I got a reply stating that my request was in their queue and they would complete my request when they reopened.  (Also thanked me for supplying the naturalization petition numbers.)


About 10 days ago I received another e-mail asking if I still wanted the documents, and if yes, did I need certified copies.  They also wanted to confirm my address.  So, you can get a certified copy from NARA if they have the document, it will just take a while due to their being closed from COVID.


Good luck!



Vicky Furstenberg Ferraresi
Belmont, California, USA


FUERSTENBERG (Gdansk, Berlin, Shanghai), PROCHOWNIK (Bydgoszcz, Berlin, Shanghai), QUIATOWSKY (Berlin, Ujest/Ujazd)), BAUM (Gdansk), FREYSTADT (Berlin, Sweden), HEYMANN (Israel, Geneva), SCHULVALTER (Berlin, Brazil), SILBERSTEIN/SILVER (Gdansk, Chicago)

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