Brick wall: HAUSMAN from Stryy/Rozdol area #galicia

David Ellis

I'm hitting a brick wall in regard to the ancestry of my g-gf David
HAUSMAN (1866-1945). He was said to have come >from the town of
Stryy in Galicia. After his marriage to my g-gm Gittel MESSER, they
moved to her home town of Rozdol, not very far away.

David's gravestone gives his name as David Leib ben Tzvi Hersh, and
his death certificate lists his parents as Hersh and Channa. I found
records >from Rozdol identifying Channa's maiden name as Chana
Rochel WAGSCHAL and her parents as Aron Leib and Jutte Leah. My
brick wall is in trying to learn more about David's father Hersh, whose
birth year I would estimate around 1840.

There is a *very* interesting death record >from Rozdol: Nuchim
HAUSMAN died in 1886 at the age of 90, and his parents were Hersz
and Nechuma. My theory is that my gg-gf Hersh HAUSMAN was
Nuchim's son or grandson and was named after Nuchim's father
Hersz. I have found no evidence to confirm or refute this theory.

Recently I have been in touch with descendants of an Aron
HAUSMANN >from the nearby town of Mikolajow-Drohowyze. Aron
never came to the United States, but his brother David HAUSMAN
(1857-1929) did. This "other" David HAUSMAN was nine years older
than my g-gf of the same name, and I presume they were first or
second cousins, named after a common ancestor. We have been
unable to establish a definite connection between our respective
family trees.

I found birth records in JRI-Poland for children of Aron, David and
two sisters of theirs named Itte and Judes, all born in Rozdol
between 1879 and 1899. I could not find birth records for Aron,
David, Itte or Judes, and I do not know the birth years of Aron, Itte or
Judes, but they seem to be close in age to each other because their
children were born in the same time period.

Here's the topper that has me spinning my head. My contact just
this week obtained a photo of the gravestone for the other David,
which gives his name as David ben Nachum. If his father was the
same person as the Nuchim HAUSMAN who died in 1886 at the age
of 90, then we have the unlikely prospect of Nuchim having four
children when he was approximately 60 years old. If they are not the
same person, then we have the even more unlikely prospect of the
younger Nachum being named after the still living Nuchim. And I still
can't figure out how my gg-gf Hersh is connected.

I'm looking to brainstorm about all this information and how to make
sense of it. I have access to page images >from a book of births in
Rozdol >from 1829 to about 1869, and although there are plenty of
entries under the surnames MESSER and WAGSCHAL, I can't find
any of the HAUSMAN birth records. I suspect the HAUSMAN family
was >from somewhere else and moved to Rozdol before 1879, but my
trail seems to lead no further. Suggestions and ideas will be much
appreciated. Please reply to me directly by e-mail. Thanks in

David J Ellis
Natick, MA

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