Excellent book about Hungary/WWII for teens and adults #hungary #holocaust

Susan J. Gordon

There is a very good book, YOUNG PEOPLE SPEAK - SURVIVING THE HOLOCAUST IN HUNGARY, edit by Andrew Handler & Susan V. Meschel, 1993 Franklin Watts publ, which contains adults' recollections about their experiences as children. (I found this book in my public library, and subsequently purchased a copy because it contained so much info about Budapest in 1944, which I wrote about, subsequently, in my memoir, BECAUSE OF EVA.) One writer, Peter Bartas (deceased now) wrote "The Brickyard." and described how he was taken to it, north of the city, and how he escaped.
He also referred to "Eva the Swede," the nickname given to my late cousin, who in 1944 used her protection under Swedish security to help and save others.
Good luck!
Susan J. Gordon

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