another Louis Koshkin question #translation

Lee Jaffe

This list has been so helpful with interpreting some of the details from my great-great-grandfather's gravestone, that I'd ask for help with an entry from his manifest record.  

On the manifest record for Lieb and Stische Koschkin (SS Campania arrived 8 Sept 1906), they report their hometown but I can't make out what is written. It looks like Zernign but I can't find any location that aligns with that name. A lot depends on how you read the initial letter – probably a Z but possibly a J or even a B, based on other examples on the page. For many other Koschkin family members, they report their hometown as Snovsk (Ukraine) or other towns in the Chernigov region, so I've focused my search in that area. JewishGen's Town Finder and Gazetteer provide no options for this name. I also posted this question to Tracing the Tribe in April 2019 and some guesses are "Zernig" (where is that?) or a variant of Chernigov. But as I renew my efforts to explore the Koshkin family, I am back to trying to work out some of these details. Any help with identifying the town would be appreciated.

Lee Jaffe

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