How do I use the "Declaration of Intention" to find the actual naturalization papers? #records


I am researching my Grandfather, Sam KATZ, born in Bucharest, Romania in December, 1900. The Declaration of Intention is dated 6 March, 1922, Southern District of New York, Number 105926. There is a number "346" on the upper left corner of the page. On the upper right, there is a stamp " Duplicate. Dec.22, 1925 ". All information given on this document agrees with other information gleaned from passenger manifests, censuses, and marriage license..except that his birthdate is dubious . I have found a document, Form 142, dated Dec 22, 1925, which I am attaching to this query. With these two papers, how do I then locate his Naturalization papers in the Family Search records ? The 1925 N.Y State Census lists him as an alien, the 1930 US Census shows him as "naturalized".  Sam is my brick wall. I am hoping to find his death records and his burial. Thank-you for any help in this matter.
   Diane Preston
North Stonington, CT.

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