CENTOS Jewish Summer Camps Domachevo (Poland) 1936 #poland


Previous research on various sites led me to accounts of the Centos Summer Camps for Jewish children that were held in Domachevo in the 1930s.

In particular, I am interested in a reference to a special experimental camp that took place in the Summer of 1936 (or 1937) which was run in association with the pedagogue and writer Kalman Lys, the purpose of which was to bring certain types of children together and to study the educational and psychological results of the integration.

On the assumption that the findings may have been shared with the international academic community at the time and may therefore have survived the War, does anyone have knowledge of any records or resources relating to these special camps or, for that matter, to the other Domachevo Jewish Summer camps of that period?

I have a family connection with these camps through my late father, Jakub Mlynarz, so any information or guidance would be very much appreciated.

Thank you, Barry Mlynarz

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