Re: How do I use the "Declaration of Intention" to find the actual naturalization papers? #records


I thank the researchers who have so far replied. I have been able to trace Sam as far as the US Census 1940. Also, all records from his arrival in 1906, up to and including 1940 Census, have been uncovered. I am hoping that the actual naturalization papers will give me another birthdate. The records so far found have given various dates , ranging from 1900 to 1904 . I have his father, Pesach, death certificate; Sam's marriage to my grandmother, Ceil Hann; his siblings marriage and death records; naturalizations for his brothers; even notes on his divorce from Grandma in 1937! The family did not think he ever remarried and that my mother, Lila, was his only child. We believe that the NY Census 1925 was in error about another child, Leonard. No trace or mention of him at any other time. A great aunt spoke with Sam at her shop in Greenwich Village  in the late 1960s or early 1970s ( her recollection of the date may have been incorrect) and he was a bus driver then. Of course, all of that generation are now deceased, and they were always very circumspect about that first marriage of my Grandmother.  
   Another mystery of my Katz family is the death date and place of Sam's mother, Freida.From the marriage records of her children, her maiden name is given as "Greenberg,or Gruenberg", or " Leibowitz". I trace her as far as the NY State Census 1925, where she resides with her daughter, Betty and son-in-law Alex Leibowitz. 
   My research is fairly complete on the Katz family, except for Sam and Fanny(Freida) deaths and resting places. It has been frustrating to be able to go so far on the siblings, yet be unable to find my grandfather. 
I had hoped to find Sam before my mother died, but, she passed two years ago. All help is appreciated ! 
    Diane Preston
N.Stonington, CT

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