A New Year's Greeting and Important Message From Your JewishGen Discussion Group Moderators #JewishGenUpdates

Phil Goldfarb

To: All JewishGen Discussion Group Members

A happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous New Year in 2021 from your JewishGen Discussion Group moderators. The JewishGen Discussion Group unites Jewish genealogical researchers worldwide as they share information, ideas, methods, tips, techniques, and resources. As volunteers for JewishGen, our mission as moderators is to confirm that all messages that we approve adhere to the JGDG Guidelines. main@... | Guidelines. With over 19,500 members, we have reviewed and approved over 15,000 messages in 2020! However, some have been rejected or deleted.

We would like to remind you of just a few ways to ensure that your message does not get rejected and returned to you.

  1. The number one reason for message rejection is the lack of a full name as per the Guidelines. Because it’s not an anonymous forum, we require each posting and reply to have a “signature,” that is the first and last name of the sender. While optional, members might also like to know what your city of residence is. You may also wish to add your e-mail address after your name for a personal response (see #2 below).  In addition, you might want to create an automatic signature including surnames that you are searching so you don’t have to remember and type at the end of your message every time. You can do that by going to: Creating an Automatic Signature- Instructions by clicking here
  2. The number two reason why messages are rejected is that your reply message is personal for an individual as opposed to it being of interest to the entire Discussion Group. Ask yourself before posting: Do all 19,500 members need to see this post? Or is it just for a specific person. We have attached directions on how to send a message back directly to an individual as opposed to the entire Discussion Group if that person did not include their e-mail address.
  3. Hashtags are useful for classification of messages as well as helping a message be more searchable in our message archives. There are 45 approved JGDG hashtags and we ask that you only use those that are authorized. main@... | Hashtags. Please note that all but one (JewishGen Updates) are in lower case and they should go at the end of a subject line. One or two hashtags per post in your subject line should be sufficient.
  4. Speaking of subject lines, just only having a hashtag or two in a subject line or a single word in a subject line does not tell a member what you are looking for or what kind of help is needed. A subject line must be descriptive so that other members can determine if your message is of interest to them or they can be of assistance. Making the subject line interesting will ensure that more members open your message and respond. Again, please see the guidelines and look at other past subject lines for suggestions. In addition, only a surname in the subject line should be capitalized, nothing else as capital letters is the internet code for yelling!
  5. Questions on various JGS or JewishGen lectures, webinars or meetings (“Is it being recorded?,” “Is it free?” or “I am having a problem connecting”) should be directed BACK to the individual who posted the message and NOT to the entire Discussion Group. For reference, all the JewishGen Talks presentations (not local JGS programs) are available on the JewishGen Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jewishgen.org. The recordings are also posted to the JewishGen YouTube Channel within several days after the presentation (although not as effective as viewing the presentation live and participating in the Q&A): https://www.youtube.com/user/JewishGen613
  6. A message with just a “thank you,” “great,” “yes,” or “no” is not substantive, takes up a member’s message space and will simply be deleted.
  7. Finally, we also have a terrific, volunteer help group that can be e-mailed at: support@... for any questions, issues or problems.

We appreciate all your posts and welcome to 2021!

Phil Goldfarb

Lead Moderator: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

President, JGS of Tulsa

Stephen Jones

Moderator: Weston, Florida, USA

Jessica Feinstein

Moderator: Oxfordshire, England

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