Jewish Alien Smuggling from Warsaw to US in 1930's- Searching Information on Deportation of Kirschenberg from Florida or Cuba #warsaw

Jeff Kronenberg

Dear Friends:

I am searching for more information regarding a great uncle in my family that attempted to be smuggled from Warsaw to the U.S. via Cuba in the 1930's.  Apparently he was apprehended in Florida and deported back to Warsaw where he was murdered by the Nazis.  His surname was Kirschenberg (or "Kirzenberg") and his given name could be David. His father was Szyja and mother was Perla (nee: Gryziak); he was born in Wiskitki, a small town near Warsaw. His entire family perished in Warsaw during the Holocaust.

As part of my research, I read "Not-Quite-Closed: Jewish Alien Smuggling in the Post-Quota Years,", 2008, by Libby Garland, Ph.D.  This is an excellent and fascinating study, but does not provide indexes or lists of Jewish names. It does surface existing records of illegal immigration during a time frame the US put stringent quotas in place.  NARA (National Archives) has a subject index that includes illegal immigration: "Subject Index to Correspondence and Case Files of the Immigration and Naturalization Service 1903-1959" which is currently searchable (at no cost) on through NARA microfilm T-458, Records Group (RG) 85-Records of the INS, Entry 9: Immigration Policy and Correspondence 1906-1956. This subject index includes 200,000 index cards on film.  Unfortunately I got no hits when I plugged in my ancestors surname.  I have also emailed NARA, because according to experts there, Ancestry did not index all names in the RG 85 database. NARA is now shut down due to COVID, and I got back 3 emails to this effect.  The archives of the USCIS does index searches for a fee, which I will pursue.

Please advise if you have any other suggestions on how I can continue the search for my ancestor from Warsaw.  Thank you kindly!

Zai gesunte and best wishes for 2021!

Hananya Kronenberg
Boise, Idaho


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