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This post is to announce changes to our existing JewishGen Ukraine Research Division Project entitled “Acquisition and Translation of Documents for Seven Towns in the Area of Polonnoye."  This project originally grew out of the frustration felt by a group of researchers as a result of the paucity of available records for our towns in Volhynia gubernia.  We raised funds, had several documents from the Central Archive for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) digitized, and had the parts of those records that mentioned the seven towns of interest translated.  This effort was not as successful as we had hoped as there were few entries from our towns in the larger documents.

Since we started this project in 2014, the wonderful work being done in Ukraine in general and in Volhynia in particular by Alex Krakovsky has resulted in tens of thousands of pages of records related to Jewish residents in several gubernias being scanned and put on-line.  As a result of these records becoming available, the Ukraine Research Division has decided to concentrate on translating entire documents rather than just portions related to specific towns.

To take advantage of these new records, we have decided to modify our project to translate whole records such as Revision Lists that cover our towns of interest.  The new title of the Project will beRecords of Three Volhynia Gubernia Districts and will include records from Novohrad Volynskyy, Zaslav, and Starokostyantinov districts, which cover all of our original towns.  We expect the new title and description (replacing the old title) to be shown on the Ukraine Research Division donation page shortly.

As you can imagine, complete translations of these large documents will be quite expensive. Remaining funds from original donations are being applied to translating the first of these new documents.  We will only be able to start a new document when we have sufficient funds in hand to pay for the work.  We hope that you will consider making a donation to allow us to continue this work.  Donations will be applied to this project regardless of which title is shown on the donation page.


We wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy New Year, and best of luck in your research!
Mary-Jane Roth
Alexandria, VA

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