Searching for birth records from someplace near Szirak #hungary

Beth Galleto

Dear fellow-researchers,

One of my brick walls has been to find the birth records of my father's mother and seven of her siblings who were born in Hungary or Slovakia between 1889 and 1900.

The two great-aunts I was able to interview said they were all born in Szirak, Nograd, Hungary. The last place they lived before coming to the U.S. was Balassagyarmat, also in Nograd. Their mother, Mary GELB, was born in Rimavska Sobota, Gomor, Slovakia. Their father, Jozef KOHN, claimed to have been born in Budapest, but I think he might just have said that because he thought no one would know the place he was actually born.

I have searched for birth records for my grandmother and her siblings by visually scanning un-indexed online civil records on FamilySearch. These included records from Szirak and from Balassagyarmat during relevant years. When that was unsuccessful I tried Ipolysag, Sahy, and Rimavska Sobota, Slovakia. Based on suggestions I had received previously I also searched Salgotarjan.

As you can imagine, I found plenty of births for people with the surname KOHN, and even some with a mother's maiden name of GELB. But in no case did I find the correct series of children being born to these parents.

Does anyone have a suggestion for other likely places in the same general area where I might find their birth records?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Beth Galleto
Washington, DC

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