Brittany centfraniers, ennobled from 1400 to 1600, Leroy, LeJuiff #france #records

Sue Nusbaum

I am tracing my family in Brittany in the area of Saint Malo in the middle ages: Leroy, and LeJuiff. They were nobles. Many Jews fleeing Portugal and Spain bought titles in this area of France and converted.
The National Library of France has  documents about them which I would like to get copies of: 
          32905, f.82: "The ennobles of the provinces of Brittany from 1400 until 1688." Collection composed by d'Hozier
          NAF 22356, f.125: "the annoblis of the province of Brittany since 1400."
I believe that the Leroy line is not Jewish but became Calvinist in the 1500's. 
Olive LeJuiff married Jehan Leroy, Sieur de la Mettrye, in the 1540s. I am trying to trace her family back to find out if and when they converted to Christianity and where they came from. 
Olive's parents were Jean LeJuiff, 1500-1555, and Guyonne Derrien (Derien?) (Derian?), 1503-1558. 
Any assistance you could provide in copying pages of these works containing information about Leroy or LeJuiff or Derien would be appreciated. 
Sue King Nusbaum
Longboat Key, FL, US

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