Re: Tombstone translation #translation


I'm having trouble making out the second stone. 

A wholesome and upstanding man (?)
Mr Ephraim (?) son of David
Died with a good name the 22nd of Shevat
May his soul be bound in the bonds of life.

The date as I read it corresponds to February 5th after sunset or 6th 1907, however the secular date looks like it says January 31st 1927 which would be the 28th or 29th if after sunset of Shevat 5687. 
Also the bottom of the stone gives his middle name as Leib, I can't quite make out the Hebrew portion of the middle name but I don't see it as saying Leib (לייב). 

I'm not good with these things but maybe someone who can clean up the image will be able to read it better. Good luck!
Binyamin Kerman

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