Re: 1 wife, 2 husbands, children from both marriages, same years #usa

Stephen Weinstein

On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 12:41 PM, Trudy Barch wrote:
I have a wife, Adelaide Ruth Rittenberg (maiden name) with 2 husbands
If your wife has 2 husbands, you should divorce her.  And are you including yourself as one of the two, or is it two in addition to you?  This was my first joke of the year.

My real answers are:

1. Ages are often misreported, so the year of birth that you calculate from someone's age is often not right.  Seeing that two individual's reported ages theoretically correspond to the same year of birth does not mean anything.  The actual years may not overlap.  For example, a person reported to be 30 years old in 1940 could have been born after a person reported to be 30 years old in 1950.

2. Are you sure it is just one wife?  Could it be two different women with similar (or identical) names?
3. If you have exact dates of birth, how many months apart are they?  It is possible for a woman to get pregnant in April, her husband to die later that year, the baby to be born in January, the woman to remarry and get pregnant again in March (especially if the baby is exclusively bottle-fed, less likely if breastfed because ovulation takes longer to restart), and give birth that December, so there really are 2 babies born in the same calendar year to the same woman with different fathers (without any adultery or bigamy).
Stephen Weinstein
Camarillo, California, USA

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