How many "first names" did people have? #names

Peter Cohen

I am trying to determine if someone is who I think he is...

His gravestone says his Hebrew name was Yitzchak ben Chona and that he died in 1954 at age 84.  The Lithuanian birth record that I think is his says he was born 8 Feb 1873, son of Yeruchim. From other records, I know that this Yeruchim was Yeruchim Girsh or Yeruchim Tsvi. Is it possible that Yeruchim had 3 first names (i.e. Yeruchim Tsvi Elchanon)?

While there are several other Yitzchaks who born around 1865 - 1875 who shared the same last name (Gershater), the reason I think that Yeruchim's son is the right one is that the Isaac (Yitzchak) who died in 1954 was married to Rebecca Rotkowitz  and Yeruchim's mother was a Rotkowitz.

I have seen many instances where a NYC death certificate lists a father's name that is completely different than the Hebrew name on the gravestone, but I attribute that to first name vs middle name. But in this case is Yeruchim Tsvi a first & middle name? Or are they kinnuim? (Sadly 1954 NYC death certificates are not available to non direct descendants, so I can't see who is listed as his father.)
Peter Cohen

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