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There are numbers to the left of the family information, indicating family ID in the "Census #10", which took place in 1858 and this being a supplemental update in 1874 to the new or missed members of the Nesvizh community.  In most of these revisions (1815-1816, 1818, 1834, 1850, 1858) males were placed on left side of the book, while females were placed on the right side.  In this family, there are multiple males and only one female, so the information in the JG transcription is accurate, except that "Binyamin Mikhel" is not correct.  It says "Bendet Mikhel" (or possibly Bendyat) there.   According to Alexander Beider's list, Bendet corresponds to the following Yiddish names - Beynash, Beynes, Beynesh, Beynish, Beynus, Beynyash, Bender, Bendit, Benedict, Benesh, Beniash, Benis, Benyash.

Steve S.,
The 2nd family last name is Yavna, not KAERELEVAVNA.  It appears that someone confused the patronymic on the first line and the actual last name of the following line and combined them into something incorrect. The first name of the head of the family head is Govsey-Zelman, patronymic (father's name) - Kasrelev (son of Kasrel).  In this census on the female side of the page they reference relationship to the husband as "wife of <Given name> <Family name> <wife's given name>", so in the case of the first family, where husband's full name is Leyba ben Girsh Pasemanik (Russian: Leyba Girshov Pasemanik), wife's record is "wife of Leyba Pasemanik Brokha" (Russian: zhena Leyby Pasemanika Brokha).  In the 2nd case the head of the family is Govsey Zelman Kasrelev Yavna and the wife's entry - wife of Govsey Zelman Yavna Fruma (Russian: zhena Govseya Zelmana Yavny Fruma).
Perhaps, you are in a position to request JG to update this record.

Steven U.,
This is just how JG chose to write down these names due to males and females being written down separately.  It's a just a preference.  In my own transcription of this information, I merge the 2 based on relationships and age, while keeping the overall order the same as the original. It's easier for me to consume the information about families in the order of husband-wife-<children in descending order>, instead of husband-<sons in descending order>-wife-<daughters in descending order>.

Mike Vayser

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