Schwartz connection - Chicago/Aurora, IL #usa #general

Kelley Conrad

I have an unknown great-grandfather on my father's side (his mother's father) and recently had a relatively close DNA match on that side. His DNA match is close enough to me that he could possibly be a half-brother or nephew to my grandmother and cousin to my father. He knows very little about his family so I've hit a roadblock. My grandmother was born in NH 1916 and there's another close DNA match who is possibly her 1/2 sister (father unknown), born in the 1930s in Aurora, IL.

He wrote that he might have had an aunt who married into the Walgreens family. His surname is Schwartz and his father was originally from Chicago, IL. His father ran away from home at age 10 or 11 and never returned, but they believe the father's sister married into Walgreens. I don't have any dates of birth/death and he is unsure of his grandfather's given name. He believes the grandfather's name was Samuel Schwartz, but isn't 100% sure. 

Has anyone heard of a Schwartz-Walgreen connection? Anyone with Schwartz family from Chicago with a family tree I could take a look at? It's like finding a needle in a haystack since I don't have dates or much info.  

I appreciate any info!

Thank you,
Kelley Conrad
Upton, MA

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