Shmuel Leib CITRON, Minsk and Vilnius #lithuania

Jules Feldman

Shmuel Leib CITRON (1860-1930), Hebrew and Yiddish journalist, writer, and

He was born in Minsk and from 1903 lived in Vilnius.
He was the brother of my wife's great great grandfather Gershon CITRON. b.
1839 in Minsk, a merchant of wine and spirits, who in 1883 was living in
Dvinsk , Latvia; in 1897 in Kreutzburg/Krustpils, Latvia; and in 1909 was
living in Zichron Yakov near Haifa.
While there are several biographical mentions of Shmuel Leib CITRON , none
mention if he was married with family. I will be grateful to whoever may
know and can provide details.
Shmuel Leib and Gershon were the sons of Jankel & Chana CITRON . According
to family narrative they had a brother Isaac who was murdered with his
family in the pogroms that followed the First World War. JewishGen tells of
a sister Aidele CITRON b. 1847 in Minsk but I have found no further
information about her.

Jules Feldman
Kibbutz Yizreel

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