GREENBAUM: Akron (Ohio), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), and Natafalva (Hungary) #hungary

Andy Monat

I'm looking for GREENBAUM relatives of my ancestor Maly GRUNBAUM/GREENBAUM who was from the village of Natafalva, Hungary, which is now Nacina Ves, Slovakia. If you are a descendant of people by that name from Natafalva I would be grateful to hear from you, especially the family I describe below.

There is one family which seems to have been of that surname from Natafalva who moved to Akron, Ohio. Here is a summary of some records for them:
1. The 14 September 1901 marriage of Alexander S GREENBAUM in Akron. He is age 25, born in Natafalva to Bernath GREENBAUM and Charlotte KANNER.
2. The 1912 marriage of a Harry GREENBAUM to Anna Gertrude WHITELAW in nearby Barberton, Ohio. Harry was born in Natafalva to Bernath GREENBAUM and Charlotte KANNER. There's a 1908 naturalization record for what seems to be the same person, in Pittsburgh, saying he was born 1 November 1886 in Natafalva, Hungary, emigrated from Hamburg on 21 October 1904, declared his intention on 2 June 1904 in Pittsburgh, and in 1908 resided in Duquesne, Pennsylvania.
3. The 16 July 1914 immigration of Bernat and Zseni GRINBAUM (husband and wife) at Ellis Island from Hamburg, along with Dora GREENBAUM (listed as a house maid), going to their son Alexander GRINBAUM in Akron, and admitted after being held for special inquiry.
4. The death of a Bernard GREENBAUM in Cleveland died 1926 age 74, arrived in the US 12 years earlier, son of Joseph GREENBAUM and the former Hanna MYRAVITS (?). Bernard and his parents all born in Natafalva. Informant name hard to read but lived in Akron.
5. The 1929 marriage of Dora GREENBAUM of Akron, daughter of Bernard GREENBAUM and Jeanette KANNER.
6. It appears that Jennie GREENBAUM died 23 August 1936, and that she and her husband Bernard were buried at Lansing cemetery in Cleveland.

Thank you,
Andy Monat
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