Re: How many "first names" did people have? #names

Alex Magocsi

I have an issue related to this topic.  It concerns the family name GREIF from Fulyán HU, now Fulianka SK.

At time of his birth, the Mother of Herman Greif (born abt. Oct 1862 in Fulyán) is shown as Rivka Schneider.

Upon his marriage in NYC, the Mother of Ignatz Greif (born abt. Jul 1859 in Fulyán) is shown as Lina Schneider
Upon his death in NYC, the Mother of said Ignatz is shown as Regina Schneider.

On each of the transcribed documents, the Father's name is Josef, or some form thereof.

My gut feeling is that the names Rivka and Regina could be interchangeable but the switch from Lina to Regina is throwing me off and I hope someone will comment on these names.
I have not seen actual certificates but rather transcriptions.

Alex Magocsi
Hamburg Germany

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