Post 1895 Civil Records from Hungary #hungary #records


I recently learned that familysearch has digitally posted not only the jewish religious vital records from before 1895, but also had the post 1895 civil records (for all citizens) for many towns in the post 1895 period. Looking through them however, I noted that they are not indexed on family search or jewishgen - and they are inconsistent. For example - the scanned entries for my grandmothers small village of Tiszalúc have records that stretch into the late 20th century - while the nearby city of Miskolc only seems to stretch from 1895-1908. 

Are there any plans or projects underway under jewishgen or any other site to index any of these post 1895 civil records?
Does anyone know if there is a good resource that summarizes what records were preserved for each town (not just the scanned records by familysearch - but record books that they did not scan)?
I'm particularly interested in the Miskolc/Borsod/Zemblen region. 

Many thanks
Daniel Eig

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