Re: Question On Becoming A Citizen in 1920s Canada #canada


Hi Avrum,

My grandfather became a Canadian citizen in Nov 1906 after residing 3
1/2 years in Canada (per his naturalization Certificate)

At some time in 1905 (per the St Albans list) he travelled by train to
New York where he was introduced to my Grandmother. He returned to
Montreal and after an approximately one year correspond returned to
Brooklyn, married my Grandmother. and then they both took up residence
in Canada.

My grandmother did not become a Canadian citizen until 1941. (possibly a
wartime need for a passport to visit cousins in New York

The Canadian Naturalization Act that was inforce in 1906 governed the
length of residence needed for citizen ship
Interesting. I had no idea that my cousin had come to live in the USA
first and naturalized there. I was under the impression he went right
to Montreal. It all fits now. Maybe I'll be able to find him at Ellis
Island, unless he did arrive in Montreal first like his uncle. I have
no idea.

Thanks for this information.

Take care,
Jeri Friedman
Port Saint Lucie, Florida

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