Re: Ashkenazim with Oriental eyes #general


My great-grandfather Shimon Kruk, born in Warsaw, Poland in 1847, most definitely had 'Oriental' eyes as did one of his granddaughters who passed away in Toronto at 101 a few years ago in Toronto. I always noticed her eyes whenever we met.  I had such eyes which were pronounced when I was baby, still noticeable to me now!
Re my great-grandfather, this is long before the 1918-1920 Russian Civil War.  Given the prominence of the last name Kruk in Plock, I assume his family was originally from there, just west of Warsaw.   My guess is the family fled the Rhineland valley during the Crusades and reached Plock then.  Perhaps something happened along the way that genetically introduced the 'Oriental' eyes then.  OR Genghis Khan's Mongol warriors, I believe, reached all the way across Asia to Poland at one point in the 13th century.  That could be an explanation.

Mel Solman

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