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Dear Friends,
Even if we don’t post a message to announce all our publications, GENAMI continues to be written and published on our website.
We have an English version for all the titles.


Hereafter, please find the tables of contents for the 2020 issues:

N° 94 = DECEMBER 2020

                 The Dreyfus History of Sierentz (Haut-Rhin)

                 The Lineage of one of the Dreyfuss Family of Sierentz

                 The Jews of Riga

                 The Genealogical Researches in Latvia

                 The Discoverers of the Polio Vaccines

                 Books Review :

    • « L’aveuglement » by José Saramago
    • « Retour à Birkenau » by Ginette Kolinka

N°93 = SEPTEMBER 2020

                 Virus, when you strike so harsh (1918-1919)

                 Lucien Lévy, A Radio Pionneer

                 Lucien Lévy Ancestry

                 Strasbourg Houses

                 From Delme to the Wall of Names : Vorms or Worms?

                 Books Review :

    • Maps of the Deportation of Jews of France by Jean-Luc Pinol
    • “Le Système périodique » by Primo Levi
    • « Le Médecin d’Ispahan » by Noah Gordon

N°92 = JUNE 2020

                 The Schiffrin Family

                 Lalo Schrifrin, the Man-Orchestra

                 Mikaela Shiffrin, Exceptional Alpine Skier

                 Thank you for your advice!

                 Walter Spitzer, an Artist Saved by Drawing

                 When Families Meet Again Three Generations Later

                 Book Review and Research:

    • « Retour à Lemberg » by Philippe Sands
    • « Le Problème Spinoza » by Irvin Yalom
    • « Des bouts d’existence » by Aldo Naouri
    • « Le Ghetto intérieur » by Santiago H. Amigorena

N°91 = MARCH 2020

                 Once Upon a Time in Odessa…

                 Charles Joachim Ephrussi’s Descendants

                 Women in the Spotlight, part II

                 Should we do a Genealogical DNA Test ?

                 Books Review and Research:

    • “Imprimé chez Beresniak”, stories collected by Natalia Krynicka
    • Dittigheim » by Elmar WeiB


And of course, we are ready to answer all your questions.

Best regards to all of you.
Jean-Luc Strauss, GenAmi Member of the Board, Paris, France

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