Tracing Swedish Immigration - ROWELSKI #scandinavia

Eleanor Thom

I am searching for family photographs on behalf of a cousin who was a child survivor of Theresienstadt.

I would be so very grateful if anyone can help me understand how to trace descendants of a relative who may have emigrated to Sweden from Berlin in 1939. I'm unsure how to search immigration into Sweden for this period, or how to research a possible name change
, or perhaps the Swedish phone book can offer a clue! 
Another complication: I have two conflicting sources, one saying our relative emigrated to Sweden, but another telling me he tried to emigrate on a transport to Palestine but was murdered in Yugoslavia (Kladovo transport). Is this two different people with the same name and an almost identical birthday, or could there be some other explanation?
In any case, I would really like to try and follow the Sweden possibility to see if he may indeed have reached Sweden. This man's niece (my cousin) is the sole known survivor of his branch of the family. She is 79 and lives in Virginia, and I have promised her to turn over every stone to search for photographs of her parents and elder brother, which she has never had. She has no memory of them. If her uncle made it to Sweden, perhaps he took photographs of his siblings and parents.
I know it's a very long shot, but if anyone knows how to search immigration to Sweden, or even just the phone book in Sweden, or name changes, and could offer me some advice or help, that would be amazing.

The relative who we have possibly linked to Sweden is called Hermann ROWELSKI (various spellings include Rowelsky / Rewelski/ Rowalski etc) and he was born in Wistitten Lithuania on 22 June 1910. The apparent date of emigration to Sweden from Berlin was 27 June 1939.

Rowelskis often change their names to Rowell or Rovell at least in the UK and the US. Perhaps in Sweden there is another more obvious change though.

Very grateful if anyone can offer advice or a clue.

Kind regards

Eleanor Thom
Edinburgh, Scotland

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