Story of the world's oldest man documented in new monograph "Exceptional Lifespans" #poland

Stanley Diamond

Dear friends:
The value of building the largest collection of country-based Jewish vital records
was underscored when Jewish Records Indexing - Poland played the key role in
the search for documentation certifying Holocaust Survivor Izrael Kristal of Haifa
as the World's Oldest Man in 2016 by Guinness World Records. We originally
posted the story in March 2016 and today's news adds to its significance
On occasion, we have had the opportunity to mention the value of the JRI-Poland
database to the academic world and today we are both proud and delighted to share
the news of the publication of a monograph that includes the following chapter:
    "Validation of 113-Year Old Israel Kristal as the World’s Oldest Man"
The monograph is published under the title "Exceptional Lifespans" and is of part of
"A Series of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research"
For researchers interested in the topic of longevity, the headings of the five parts of
Exceptional Lifespans are an indicator of the extent to which the monograph covers
the various aspects of this discipline.  They are:
     I.  The International Database on Longevity
    II.  Mortality and Longevity Studies
   III.  Cause of Death Studies
   IV.  Country reports
    V.  Case studies of Exceptional Longevity 
If you are only interested in the Izrael Kristal story, Chapter 20 with the 10-page
detailed analysis can be downloaded at:
Briefly, here is the part that JRI-Poland played in the heartwarming story:
Although Israel Kristal's birth record could not be found (either the register was lost
or the birth was never recorded), JRI-Poland was instrumental in the discovery of
various other key documents that provided the conclusive evidence needed by
Guinness World Records to accept Mr. Kristal's 1903 birth year.
The story was originally told in the 3rd February 2016 English edition of Haaretz:
The story is also documented on Wikipedia. 
Stanley Diamond, M.S.M.  
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

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