Re: Post-WWII Records for Ufa #russia #records


Hello from Paris (France)
I would be inetrested to know how to find any information about Ufa : my uncle Heny Kirschenbaum (1920-1943) is born in Ufa. His father (Leon Kirschenbaum 1891-1971) from radomysl (poland) and her mother (jenny Goldberg 1897-1944) from riga (letonie) went to Ufa ; I do not know why ; neither her sisters (my mom Frida  (1924-) or emy born in France
why jewish people from poland and letonie went to Ufa ?
how to find a birth certificat from Ufa ?

jenny grosslerner
Paris (France)
grosslerner (izbica, turobin, chelm, bychawa, canada) kochmann (izbica, lublin), kirschenbaum (radomysl), goldberg / berg (riga, brooklyn)

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