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what kind of documents are you trying to locate?  Yad Vashem might have lists of families evacuated to Ufa that would have been compiled around 1942-43.   The list will typically contain immediate family members, age, where they lived and worked prior to evacuation.  If you are able to locate them in Yad Vashem database, then you can try to contact them to get a scan of the page and get it translated here.
If they worked in Ufa, there might possibly be employment documents in the city archive.

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why jewish people from poland and letonie went to Ufa ?
These were just different regions of the same country - the Russian Empire.  Riga was one of the uezd (district) capitals in the Livonia governorate, Radomysl (which specific one?) would have been part of one the governorates in what is now Poland (there was also Radomysl in the Kiev governorate), and Ufa was the main city of the Ufa governorate.
I don't think it's possible to find out why they were in Ufa without knowing what line of work Leon was in and when they got to Ufa.  Maybe they were there for a job or as internally displaced persons (WWI or Civil war).  Knowing when they arrived is critical to determining what documents to look for. If they arrived prior to the revolution, there are going to be documents that list the reason why they were there, approval to settle or stay temporarily, as well as census records.  There aren't going to be documents like that after the Revolution, as they wouldn't need to be authorized to be there.  Registration of births around 1920 was handled by the civil authorities, prior to that it was recorded by the religions authorities.  The only Jewish birth records that survived in Ufa are from 1908 to 1911.  You can try to contact the Ufa City Archive to see if they can locate documents about the family, but it would definitely be helpful if you knew when the family moved there and when they left.  If your uncle's parents worked in Ufa, there might possibly be workplace documents in the archive, depending where they worked.

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