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Generally Jews were not considered to be good soldiers so when they were conscripted they were put into labour battalions rather than fight on the front.

That's an outrageous anti-Semitic statement, if I've ever heard one.  This is what I heard while growing up from anti-Semites , despite numerous members of my family dying on the battlefield, leaving their children to grow up without fathers and others returning wounded .  It's a shame to see these statements on a Jewish Gen list.

Easy check on Wikipedia, shows that according to the Central archive of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, there were over half a million Jews in the Soviet army, including 167000 officers of all ranks.  During the war, 198000 died in battle, from wounds, and illnesses, or were missing in action.  That's 39.6%.   According to some sources, 120-180000 died on the battle field and about 80000 were murdered in the concentration/extermination camps.  Out of the remaining 300000, 180000 were wounded and out of that number 70000 heavily wounded.  According to one historian, 27% of Jewish soldiers voluntereed and 80% of privates and junior officers served in the forward-deployed units.

Mike Vayser

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