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Russ Maurer

Hello Luciana and Brenda,

I am replying to the group as this topic may be of interest to others.

Fund 383 in the Lithuanian State Central Archives (LCVA) contains documents related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A number of files in this record group contain documents from the embassy in Riga. From a distance it is impossible to know what is in these documents. I see the following in the catalog:
LCVA/383/7/35 Documents on the activities of the embassy in Latvia, 1919-1920
LCVA/383/7/72 ditto, 1920-1921
LCVA/383/7/94 Documents of the activities of Lithuanian embassies and consulates, 1919-1920 (not specific to Latvia)
LCVA/383/7/265 and 266 Documents on the activities of the embassy in Latvia, 1921-1922

There are other, similar files.

LCVA/383/15 contains applications for foreign passports submitted to the Riga embassy. The Jewish ones have all been indexed by LitvakSIG and can be searched in the All-Lithuania Database.

Independent Lithuania came into existence in 1919. Prior to that, there were no Lithuanian embassies, in Riga or anywhere else.

Finally, if you are a donor to any of the LitvakSIG research groups, you can use your login credentials on the LitvakSIG website to access our Collective Data page. Among the record groups on this page are several of direct relevance to those researching Lithuanian Jews with a Latvia connection. Included are extracts of Latvian vital records, extracts from the 1897 census, extracts from Riga house registers (interwar period), and more.

Russ Maurer
Records Acquisition and Translation coordinator, LitvakSIG

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