Re: Documents from the Lithuanian Embassy in Riga (Latvia) #lithuania #latvia #records

Arlene Beare

Information about Lithuanian Jews who lived in Riga for 1914 and the beginning of 1915 are in the registers of Jew who asked for a residence permit in Riga for 1914-1915 (archival fond Riga Police Administration). There are also house registers of Riga till 1918 but it is very important to know the address where the person lived. The House Registers and the Fond for Riga Police are not online and you would have to write to the Archives with the Address for information from House Registers. 


The documents of Lithuanian Embassy in Riga are kept in Lithuanian archives.  Lithuania was a part of Russian Empire till 1918.  As Russ Maurer has said there was no Lithuanian Embassy in Riga till after 1919.

Arlene Beare
Co-director Latvia Research Division.



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