Re: Vinitsky/Winitsky from Detroit, Mich. #usa

Steve Pickoltz

Additional info.  In looking over some of my family papers, ship manifest, Citizenship papers, etc, I have found spellings of my family as both Winitsky, Vinitsky and other spellings of each.


I have a wedding picture from Lorraine Chudler’s wedding dated 1952 along with on of her parents Lew and Ann Chudler from Detroit.


Pictures of a cousin Henrietta Rofsky Lane.  I don’t know if they are Detroit or Rochester, NY relatives.


A picture of my grandmother Ida (Ostroff) Winitsky with a sister Minecha (Ostroff) Dubin.  I have met a child of this couple, Bernie Dubin. He lived in Phila. and Cherry Hill, NJ., until his death.


Now for the good stuff.

Envelopes dated July 10, 1934 addressed to B. Slaben?? living at 2640 Pregree Ave., Detroit.   A second name  on this envelope is for a Venitzky, at the same address.   Another address for Venitsky is 330 Owens Ave., Detroit.  This street name is hard to read.


I hope this may connect to some of you Detroiter.


Steve Pickholtz

New Jersey


Searching—Winitsky, Ostroff, Pickholtz and Klein/Kline



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