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No sites search other sites for matches. Uploading raw data to as many sites as possible increase the chances of finding matches with folks who have not transferred their data out of the one site they tested with. The exceptions are 23andMe and Ancestry, which do not take uploads. That is why you get the best “bang got the buck” by testing at one of those two and then downloading the raw DNA from them and then uploading to all of the sites that take uploads.


Max Heffler

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You wrote: The other main sites you need to be on are FTDNA and 23andMe, otherwise you have to sit back and wait for relatives to do a test.


Do these sites find people in other ways? Do they scan all other

sites for matches?


I am on FTDNA and get very few suggested matches. I am on

MyHeritage and Ancestry. Most of my relatives seem to have

registered on one of these, the other has given a few matches



I have had some luck finding relatives that are matched as 3rd and 4th

cousins and have a recognized family name.


Dahn Cukier



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