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R Jaffer

You might find male matches on FTDNA because they chose to take a Y test with this company and while doing so went ahead and added an autosomal test. The other companies mentioned do not do specific Y testing although 23&me will report a haplogroup. When I look at results at FTDNA, I first sort by longest block, and then look at total cM, and only bother contacting those who have added surnames. I figure that if they haven't bothered to add names/places, they either don't know enough to make a connection or likely won't respond. The results below are for a second cousin I tested because I wanted to see if I could determine which sons of my great grandfather shared the same mother. Family lore said that he had many wives who died in childbirth. In any case, the results below are for those who shared a long block of 32 cM or more and listed names/places.  There are two things to take from this. The match who has Weinberg in bold is my first cousin. I don't appear in the list. Test first cousins if older relatives are not available. You widen your chances of finding matches. Second, the next best match is the one who shares total cM of 179. What you can't see below is that he also shares the same surname and place as my family. However, he spelled the surname Wainberg instead of Weinberg. Don't just sort based on surname because there are too many different versions of the same name. Their search algorithms are literal.

Roberta Jaffer 

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