Locating NYC Butcher Shop Licenses and Records #usa #records

Jacob Heisler

Hi everyone,

my ggg-grandfather Nathan MINKOWITZ (c. 1848-1917) worked as a butcher
in the Lower East Side from the mid-1890s to about 1910 and had a shop
on 126 Monroe St. I know his store was involved in the 1902 Kosher
Meat Strike (the Forward translated am article from the strike that
mentioned a butcher shop at 126 Monroe), but not what exactly happened
to him and his store during the strike.

What I'm wondering is if it's possible for me to locate any official
NYC records about Nathan and his butcher shop, like a butchers license
or something related to his shop. And if such documentation exists,
would it be possible to order a copy sent to me or would I have to
wait for COVID to end and visit some NYC office in person?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Jacob Heisler
Norwalk, CT

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