1926 Polish Declarations of Friendship digitized by the Library of Congress #galicia

Phyllis Kramer

The US Library of Congress has completed the digitization and has
published online images of the 1926 declarations of friendship between
Poland and the US, "signed" by more than 5 million Polish people, the
vast majority of them students of primary and secondary schools.
Included are also signatures >from business organizations, religious
authorities, and government branches and administrative departments.

The Collection of 111 volumes is organized for easy viewing (browsing)
with links direct to the digital archive. You can browse the signatures to
see who attended schools in your town. To access go to
and scroll down till you find the volume your town is in. Keep in mind
many Galician towns now in the Ukraine, were in Poland in 1926.

For instance:
Augustow-Bedzin; Volume 14
images at https://www.loc.gov/item/pldec.014/
Bedzin-Bielsko; Volume 15
Gniew-Gorlice; Volume 26
images at https://www.loc.gov/item/pldec.026/
Jarocin-Jaslo; Volume 33
Kepno-Kielce; Volume 36
Kozienice-Krakow; Volume 44
Mlawa-Nadworna; Volume 55
Plock-Poznan; Volume 64
Rohatyn Volume 70
images at https://www.loc.gov/resource/pldec.070/?sp=55
Rzeszow-Sanok; Volume 72
Stryj-Strzyow; Volume 78
President of the Polish Republic and other officials and representatives
of state and municipal institutions, social organizations, and religious
bodies; Volume 1
Government Dental Institute of Warsaw; Volume 5; at

Thanks to Jay and Marla Osborn for the original writeup for Rohatyn,
which you can find on their page

Happy hunting!

Phyllis Kramer, New York City, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla
V.P. Education, JewishGen Inc: https://www.JewishGen.org/education

Researching (all Galicia): KRAMER, BEIM >from Jasienica Rosielna,
SCHEINER, KANDEL >from Strzyzow & Dubiecko, LINDNER, EICHEL from
Rohatyn, Burstyn, STECHER, TRACHMAN >from Nowy Zmigrod, Dukla
Family web site: https://KehilaLinks.JewishGen.org/Krosno/Kramer.htm

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