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We had a greatuncle, Efraim Rosenbaum, who left the village of Pruzana in Poland as a teenager. This would have been around 1900, give or take a decade (one relative says he was born in 1890, but the other relative says 1879). He moved to Paris. The entire family story that I have is "There, he married and had a daughter. She changed her name and married a non-Jew." I am trying to find out what happened to him, so any information would be nice. I do not see him on camp records, but he could easily have died before WW2. If you happen to encounter him, I'd love the information! I do not know the name of the wife or daughter, but the marriage would presumably have been between 1900 or so and 1920. The presumption is that he stayed in Paris. His father was a miller, and his brother was a farmer, so he'd be likely to have a hands-on type of profession.

Marijke Bekken

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