Weitz Bakery on West Adams, Los Angeles #usa

Debby Gincig Painter

My Great-Grandfather and his brother started Weitz Bakery when they came to Los Angeles in the 1920s. 3 generations worked there until it was sold and became Brooklyn Bagel Bakery in 1953. With all so much of the family (in-laws branches included) working there, not a single person in our family has a picture of the bakery-inside or out.

I don't know if this is ok to ask here or not, but considering the popularity of the bakery and then their delicatessen, I am hoping someone in the L.A. area might have an old photo they'd be willing to share. I've contacted Brooklyn Bagel Bakery with no luck and am waiting on a call back from Jewish Historical Society of SoCal.
Thank you in advance from me and 3-5th generations of descendants.
Debby Painter

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