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Rita and Mike,

Thanks for the information and suggestions. The discussion sent me back to look at the letters from Ida to Gussie. I realized my memory was faulty. I had thought Ida Lifshitz' husband had died in Ufa, but actually according to the letters he died "defending his homeland" and only Ida, her daughters Lisa and Vito (or Vita) and another sister Liza fled to Ufa. My guess is that Ida's husband may have wound up in the Russian Army, I shall have to research that.

In the meantime, Ida talks in one of the letters as being trained as a chemist and working as a director of a chemical laboratory in Ufa. Rita's comments about Ufa being a major city for factories and plants providing machinery and vehicles for the war effort as well as being a center for oilfields and mines make me wonder if that's a large part of the reason Ida and family wound up there after fleeing Lvov.

I also realized Ida's children were old enough at the time of the letters to have been born in Lvov (or elsewhere nearby), and if things worked out as she discussed she followed them to Moscow where they went for university. So in the end records from Ufa may not tell me much. But the discussion helped refocus me!

Gary Ehrlich
Rockville, MD
SCVIRSCI, Zhivotov, Ukraine; WASHLIKOVSKY/WASHALKOWSKY, SATER, Bialystock, Poland;
LIFSHITS/LIFSHITZ, GOROVITZ, HOROVITZ, Lvov, Ukraine; Ufa and Moscow, Russia
YAGUDA, Albany, NY

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