importing/transferring/sharing historical records between services? #general

Lee Jaffe

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to upload historical records found in one source into another?  For instance, if I find marriage record via or a manifest at Ellis Island, is there a smooth way to bring that over to MyHeritage or Ancestry and attach it to someone's record?   Or documents from Ancestry to MyHeritage, and vice versa?  Currently, I'm downloading the image of the record (or taking screenshots) at the source, then hand entering the event into my tree and uploading the image.  It's cumbersome and tedious, especially for records that touch on multiple individuals. 

t's my experience that you can't always locate a historical record within one service that you've found via another, so you are stuck with gaps in your tree history.  Recently, I was exchanging notes with a cousin and I found a manifest record for some of our family via MyHeritage. But her tree is in Ancestry.  When I tried to reproduce the results in my Ancestry account I wasn't able to pull up the same record, even knowing the ship, date and place.  I had found it, I could have shared it with her and let her add the record to her tree seamlessly.  The best I could do was make a screenshot including the relevant information and email it to her.  

Similarly, I saw that my cousin had a 1920 census record attached to her tree in Ancestry but couldn't recall the same document in MyHeritage and therefore couldn't attach it to my tree there.  

In yet another case, I've managed to find the same NYC Marriage Record entry for my great-grandparents via FamilySearch, Ancestry and MyHeritage. However, only FamilySearch includes the parents' names.   I'd much rather attach the FamilySearch version of the record to my tree instead of taking a screenshot of the record and having to hand enter the information for 4 additional people.

As I reread this, I think this question is more about the inconsistencies between the services and what they show us.  But a workaround that lets us add historical records more easily wherever we find them would go a long way to paving over the gaps.  If someone knows of a tool or a workaround, I'd like to hear about it and I think it would benefit others.

Lee Jaffe
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