Re: South Africa immigration #southafrica

Arlene Beare


If they emigrated from Latvia to South Africa you should check the outgoing passenger lists from the UK.   There are no incoming passenger lists from Latvia for that time period. You can find these on Ancestry and Findmypast.   They left Latvia usually from Libau which is now Liepaja.. They sailed to either Hull or Grimsby in England. From there they went by train to Liverpool . They then could either settle in England or leave for South Africa from  Southampton. If going to USA then they would leave from Liverpool. They may have stayed for a while at the Poor Jews Temporary Shelter.

They may have spent some time in England before emigrating to South Africa so always worthwhile searching the JGSGB databases and JCRUK which is a combined Jewishgen and JGSGB Project.

Arlene Beare
Co-director Latvia Research Division

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